From ideation to research to program design and implementation, the lab’s multi-disciplinary team strives to bridge-the-gap between laboratory research and the real-world application of health-fitness practices by leveraging Digital Health technologies.

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

– Edward Stanley

About the Director Dr. Brett A. Dolezal:

I’m traditionally trained, absorbed some, and have elements of the following:

The traditional ideal of the professor – a vaguely eccentric, impractical seeker of truth always teetering – has all but disappeared. In essence, a professor is someone whose life is passionately consumed with the pursuit of ideas, knowledge, and truth as goods worthy in themselves, apart from any practical benefits; and someone who is equally passionately dedicated to the speaking of that truth through writing and teaching. Such a person will be an irritant to the rest of society and stand apart from its dominant values. After all, this pursuit of truth necessarily is critical and often dissenting, for the other institutions of society too often are comfortable with false knowledge that, although emotionally and economically gratifying, nonetheless has pernicious long-term effects. The true professor should be annoying and disquieting, for he continually questions the received wisdom with which his fellows insulate their lives (B. Thornton, “The Twilight of the Professor”, The Intercollegiate Review; Spring 1999)

Dr. Brett A. Dolezal, PhD | Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care David Geffen School of Medicine

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