As evidence rapidly continues to evolve regarding the innumerable health benefits of physical activity and exercise, the importance of ascertaining one’s fitness level is becoming more sought-after and commonplace. Health and fitness measures are closely allied with disease prevention and health promotion and can be modified through regular physical activity and exercise. The rationales of UC Fit health-fitness assessments include the following: 

  1. Educating participants about their present fitness status relative to health-related standards and age- and sex-matched norms 
  2. Providing data that are helpful in the development of exercise prescriptions to address all components of wellness 
  3. Collecting baseline and follow-up data (i.e., ‘progress monitoring’) that allows evaluation of exercise program progress or digress 
  4. Evaluation of other therapeutic lifestyle interventions (e.g., nutrition, weight management) 
  5. Motivating participants by establishing reasonable and attainable fitness goals 
  6. Identification of specific physiological limitations, and (vii) identifying those at risk of untoward future events and determining appropriate targets for risk-reducing efforts.