Guardians of Scientific Truth

The overarching goal of publishing our scientific findings in peer-reviewed research journals is only the first step. Equally significant, is that we must embrace the role of “guardians” in the growing assault on science. Being truth guardians in an era of rampant fitness and wellness misinformation and a time where people are retreating to social media echo chambers that suit their favored views, as unbiased scientists we must transcend our basic calling as truth-seekers and truth-tellers. When purveyors of falsehoods have such unfettered channels as they do today, we believe we must strive to grow our ambitions relating to fact curating, authoritative dissemination, and persuasive communications alongside our usual work of learning and teaching. As scientists, we have the responsibility to be knowledge brokers and to advocate for discoveries to reach the end of the translational continuum, to improve and empower the health of populations with truth, especially those that are the most vulnerable.

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