Associate Director Biosketch

David Gómez L. de Guevara
Associate Director

David Gómez L. de Guevara is a Fulbright scholar from the Basque Country, whose background is a combination of clinical and research work. His client-facing experience consists of 4 years working as a physical therapist, as well as cross-disciplinary clinical work in strength and conditioning across Pilates, Crossfit, surfing, swimming, and soccer. David’s personal ideology holds that a foundational understanding of what movement is, how to do it better, and what those motivating factors are makes all the difference. Extensive one-on-one client work has allowed him to focus on those unique motivations that affect how often and how well people move their bodies. While physical exercise is a pillar in wellness promotion and prevention of many chronic health disorders; nutrition, rest, and mental-social wellness complete his vision of health empowerment. 

Since graduating with a Bachelor’s in Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Cantabria in Spain in 2017, and throughout his time completing the Masters in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at the California State University at San Marcos, David has embarked on a lifelong mission to change the way society thinks about movement and their own health. He came to the US following his passion for surfing, which stands as a constant reminder of his engagement and lifetime commitment to exercise. During his master’s program, made possible thanks to the Fulbright Scholarship Exchange, he immersed himself into the research process and now looks forward to pushing his career into translational research with the aim of narrowing the gap between research and general knowledge, as well as growing his skillset in health and performance enhancement.

In his free time, you can find him driving his van in the search of new places to climb, snowboard, and surf.  

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